Upcoming workshop at the BUW

Mathematics and Its Historiography in the Long Twentieth Century: Circulations and Interactions

You may find the CfP for the workshop at this link.
Dates: 13-15 March, 2024
Location: Glanzstoffhaus, Kasinostrasse 19-21, Wuppertal
Organizers: Ralf Krömer, Nicolas Michel, Thomas Morel, Volker Remmert


Oberseminar History of Mathematics, Winter semester

Below is the program of our seminar for the upcoming semester.


WS_2324_Oberseminar Geschichte der Mathematik_Stand_19_10_23.pdf

The History of the Society of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics. Preliminary study for a research project

Dr. des. Jason Lemberg

The project lays the foundations for the exploration of the History of the Society of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (GAMM, gegründet 1922, and its Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (ZAMM). The period under consideration extends from the founding in the early 1920s to the Cold War Era. After the First World War the practical benefits of Applied Science were obvious. The institutionalization of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, however, was accompanied by scientific and political conflicts: Especially the demarcation from Mathematics turned out to be difficult. Questions concerning the history of its origin, its special transdisciplinary character, and the political and scientific relations in East and West during the Cold War are the focus of interest. The project is accompanied by a planning group, which includes Prof. Dr. Volker Remmert (Wuppertal), the chairman of GAMM, Prof. Dr. Karsten Urban (Ulm) and Prof. Dr. Moritz Epple (Frankfurt am Main, History of Science).


Prof. Dr. Volker Remmert und Dr. Julia Ellinghaus / Foto: UniService Transfer 

Cooperation: The mysterious imagery of scientific instruments

A press release on the DFG-funded project "Iconography on Scientific Instruments of the Early Modern Period", is now available on the website of the Bergische Universität Wuppertal.


Why Should you Trust Geometry?  The Mathematics of Mining in Early Modern Germany

A blog post by Thomas Morel on the History of Knowledge Blog of the German Historical Institute.


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