around Wuppertal

Besides the seminars and workshops hosted directly in Wuppertal, our group lies within of a very active network of historians of mathematics in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Toeplitz Kolloquium

The University of Bonn hosts a series of lectures on the history and didactics of mathematics, aimed at both researchers in these fields but also to anyone broadly interested in mathematical culture. Program and further information can be found here.

Rheinisch-Westphalisches Seminar (RheWeSe)

Twice a year, a seminar gathering researchers working on the history and philosophy of mathematics in the NRW region is organized at a changing location. Past programs of this seminar can be found here, and the mailing list of this group can be found here.

Die Arithmeum Library

The Arithmeum library, located in Bonn, contains the world's largest collection of early-modern arithmetic and mathematical print sources. It also frequently hosts lectures and exhibits in connection to the history of mathematics.